Chris and I just got back from seeing an amazing documentary film called “10 mph”. It’s about a group of guys who decided to do a cross-country tour from Atlanta to Boston on a Segway. They were in Brattleboro for a one-night viewing of their film and a post-show talk.

I’m so happy to hear that Netflix picked this baby up, because it is a must-see. It’s not only about reverting to a simpler way of traveling, but it’s about meeting people along the way who’ve pursued their passions in life, and about finding beauty in unexpected places, and figuring out where you want to go in life with what’s given to you. It’s funny and touching, and I’d easily give it 4 stars for a documentary.

It sucks that this individual mentioned in the movie, “Pat”, promised to give them 20k to support them in the making of their film, then renegged when they were already halfway across the country. I’m hoping that, with enough publicity, they’ll gain that money back and more. (Pat,man, wherever you are…. you’re a douchebag.)

They’ll be having a drawing after their documentary viewing tour in which one lucky person will win a Segway. How cool would that be?

check their site out : http://10mph.com/the-film

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