We just got back from a nice weekend at the Cape. My Aunt rents out a little cottage by a private beach in South Dennisport, and she was nice enough to let us stay for the weekend.
The beach nearby was small and sea-weed covered, but it was nice to hear the ocean when we opened up the windows to the cottage to sleep at night!

The first night we were there we hung out in Hyannis-about 20 minutes south of Dennisport. We had some sandwiches at a little Italian cafe and then headed over to the Cape Cod melody tent to see yet another concert–this time Susan Tedeschi.

The Cape Cod melody tent is indeed a tent. It’s a relatively small arena so no matter where you sat you felt close to the stage–and the stage rotated!

She put on an absolutely amazing show. Her backup band consisted of a kickass saxophonist, keyboard player, and drummer. She was very sweet and humble about herself in between songs, but boy, that woman can belt it out! The one unfortunate part about the event was we had the misfortune of sitting in front of a VERY loud, very obnoxious drunk couple who talked through the whole show. They kept making comments about how bad Susan’s butt looked in her jeans (which it didn’t look bad! They just couldn’t find anything better to do). And whenever she sang a slower song, they blabbered on about how they couldn’t stand her slower songs. I wanted to turn around and deck them one, but they seemed like the kind of obnoxious people who would just talk louder if you asked them to shut up. So Chris and I moved outside where we could still hear and see Susan, and we enjoyed the rest of the show much better that way. (I hope those 2 drunkards get what they deserve one day!)

Day 2 of our stay we went to visit our good friends Sally and Shaari, who recently moved to Sandwich, MA from Northampton. It was great to visit with them, their new house was gorgeous and we had a nice time chatting and hanging out. We played frisbee with their adorable black lab, Dixie, went out to lunch and relaxed on a beach in town. We also found out the exciting news that they are expecting-gulp-twins!!

The rest of our day was spent playing rummy out on the front porch of the cottage (I totally kicked Chris in the butt with that game!), walking by the shore and eating out (mostly). We had some okay meals–Royal Pizza had decent pizza and Cafe El Dolce had nice sanwiches. The Sundae School had the best ice cream, and Woolfies bakery had nice blueberry iced coffee and cinnamon twists. Sunday morning we ate at the Breakfast Room, which was mediocre. The raspberry french toast I ordered looked like it was covered in pepto bismol–and kind of had that consistency too. Oh well, you can’t win em all…

We saw a lot of cool places to look at for next time we go.
It was only a short stay at the Cape but we had such a good time we’re hoping to go back later in the fall or earlier next summer. Gotta love being by the ocean!

One thought on “Cape-tastic

  1. kris arnini says:

    Loved spending time at the cape, it was soooo nice and relaxing. One other thing, a restaurant that use to have a store in Bellows falls is also in Hyannis. The common ground, which I use to go to all the time for vegetarian food has a place there. Have to check it out next time.

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