Yes we are alive

Haven’t had an update in a while, been kinda crazy of late with going here and there. Our cat midnight wasn’t felling well, we boarded him this entire weekend so they could check him out and run some test. The poor guy is friendly just isn’t really eating after his dental visit a week ago when they took out two teeth. So we have been bringing him here or there, hopefully they will give him some good drugs today while he is there.
Here is a little update, more to come tomorrow.

Friday January 25, 2007

Went down to CT on a muti-purpose trip. Had some more work done ink wise on my leg, don’t even want to try to figure out how many more hours of having a needle poked in me it was going to be. Tracey did a great job as usual and finished up some parts that where outlined months ago. Her and the owner Jim where very amusing and are always fun to be around when they are on a roll. A good distraction from the constant needle pokes.

Leg Sleeve Phase 3

We then stopped by IKEA, to pick up our new bed. We have been wanting to get a new bed with a higher floor clearance for a while. Our current bed is only a few inches off the floor which stink. Having a limited amount of space, we couldn’t afford to give up all that space. Picking it up was easy, securing it to the roof rack was amusing. Luckily a huge amount of rope and some bungee cords later it was all set to be brought back to vermont.

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