Poppin’ Providence

Saturday, January 26, 2007

After a day of having needles poked in me and putting large furniture objects on the car only to be dropped off at my parents house and reloaded later, we headed to Providence.

I had bought tickets to see The Birthday Massacre a few months ago after seeing their CD in hot topic and listening to some of their tunes. They looked good and the other two bands looked decent. Mostly we figured for the $10 tickets how can you really go wrong.

Armed with our Tom-Tom we set out to find the venue in Providence, the living room. We found it no problem, and it looked kinda run down but hell it was close to my parents place. Unfortunatly it was cold as hell, so we ended up at this very tall indoor mall less than a miles from the venue. We walked around enjoying not slipping on ice and such and just hung out, enjoyed each other company, had some Indian food, some lattes and such

Figuring we weren’t sure about the first band we got there just when the show started. I was glad we did, the first band Creature Feature was amazin. They didn’t take them self too seriously and the lead singer even went to order a drink at the end of one song. You would be surprised how many bands have an attitude even if they are openers (rock kill kid comes to mind). Their songs where real good, all relating to their love of monster movie, real good stuff. We got to talk to the band after their set and the keyboardist was very nice. Another good sign they sold out of all their albums on the tour. Later at home we downloaded their album, DRM free from Amazon. Of the three band Creature Feature impressed us most.

Next up was Schoolyard Heroes which where good. Their CD sounded good but their live show is not as great. The lead singer tries a little too much to be like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She tried and maybe eventually she will get her own style.

Eventually the main band, The Birthday Massacre, came on. They are really really good live. The lead singer makes very cute adorable faces and even poses for candid photos from the crowd when singing, a very nice gesture. They played some new stuff like Red Star and a lot of their older stuff. They where really good live and where a hell of a lot of fun. They came back for a short encore and really hit all the good songs and performed well. One lead guitarist looked like a young marlyn manson and had some killer stage presence. At one point SchoolYardHeroes can on stage so there was a boatful of guitarists on stage, a nice site.

We headed home content in the bliss of enjoying a fistful of good indy music.

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