Well Well Well…

My belly has officially crossed the “boob boundary line”–meaning IT sticks out more than THEM. So I officially can’t hide it anymore, I’m hardcore preggers.

June 4th is our big ultrasound date, where we find out, as my good friend Leah puts it, “whether we’re having a hotdog or hamburger”. Really, we’ll be happy with either, but I know deep down Chris is hoping for that wee little girl. We’ll be in deep doo-doo for sure with her, but if everyone could, out of solidarity for dear Christopher, send some “girlie” vibes our way, that would be nice. He does deserve it for putting up with me.

Memorial weekend was busy but nice. Chris got inked a bit more (more work on the neverending Nightmare leg sleeve–he got Lock, Shock and Barrel in a tub-it looks awesome!), we visited both sets of parents and got lots of belly touching. My sister came down from NJ and we got to spend time with the nephews, which was heaven. They are SO cute. Can’t believe Jeremy will be turning 2 in a week! He is so funny, copying everything everyone says.

We also did some planting in our miniscule flower garden. I hope we’ll have a little bit of rain tonight to tend to it!

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