Boo Belly in Boston weekend-Sat. writeup

Chris and I had a nice weekend bumming around (or, in my case, waddlingaround) Boston, and adding a few more bands to our roster.

Chris’ sister was gone out of town for the weekend and was nice enough to let us spend the whole weekend at her apartment. It’s in a beautiful brownstone on Beacon street (2 blocks from the swanky Newbury St.), overlooking the Back Bay. It is sweeeeeet!!! It was fun pretending we lived in this swanky area for the weekend….although I’m sure we stuck out like sore thumbs.

The neighborhood was amazing, and it was nice to be only a block or 2 to great restaurants and the T stop.

We enjoyed the sunshine and ate at some nice places: Kashimir (good Indian food, apparently it’s well known for being a hookah lounge too! But no puffin’ for this pregger…), Trident cafe (a little bookstore with a kickass cafe–apparently an underground gem in Boston–they had great smoothies, momos (vegetarian Thai dumplings), and interesting lattes (I had one made with soymilk and Rooibos tea).
I had a few ice cream cravings over the weekend, so we induldged at J.P. Licks and Emack and Bolio’s. Good stuff, baby! Just helping that big belly get even bigger…

Sat. we went to the True Colors Tour at the Bank of American Pavilion near the Wharf in Boston. The tour was to benefit the Human Rights Campaign (LGBT rights). The lineup was great! The Cliks were as awesome as usual and won even more fans. AND….we got to MEET them!! They were super nice, Lucas loved Chris’ leg tattoo and we told them that we saw them in Noho…they humbly thanked us and shook our hands and chatted for a few seconds. And they signed our tickets! We love them even more…

We weathered the thunderstorms (thank goodness we had covered seating this time!) and watched Regina Spektor (she was cute, OK live, but a bit too “low key” compared to the rest of the lineup).

Oh, did I mention the tour was “hosted” by Carson Kressly from Queer Eye? He was hilarious, doing standup between acts and changing into crazy outfits–sparkly shoes, checkered leather pants and all…

The next act was the most fun–the B-52s!! Even after all these years, they still have it GOING ON…and they were a TOTAL BLAST!!!! you can’t NOT move and see them live, you just can’t! They sang all the oldies but goodies, like “Rock Lobster (or as the Bostonians said “Lobstaaaah”), “Round the World”, and “Love Shack”, as well as stuff from their new album “Funplex”. The redhead and the guy were in good shape, but the blonde girl looked like the years had been a bit rough to her. She still had a good voice though. I had always hoped to see the B-52s live at least once in my life, so I was happy my dream came true.

Rosie O’Donnell came on stage for a brief intermission and did some standup, and talked about adopting as a lesbian.

Cyndi Lauper headlined the tour and apparently started the idea of the tour, this is it’s second year. She is so tiny in person, with a hilarious thick Long Island accent. But she was very cool. Although Chris and I aren’t HUGE fans of her music, she put on a great, energetic show and eveyrone loved it. She still has the same energy as her crazy, pink haired, newspaper dress days (you gotta love her for always being herself!).

It was a great night and the atmosphere there was extremely friendly and supportive–it was nice to be a part of something like that.

chris is going to post about Sunday in a bit!

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