Band-o-rama 2008

Here is a list of the concerts/bands we’ve seen so far in the new year with some ratings out of 5. I guess we’re music freaks, what can I say:

1. Blonde Redhead(3.5), School of Seven Bells(3.5)

2. The Birthday Massacre(4), Schoolyard Heroes(2.5), Creature Feature(5)

3. Zox(4.5), the Everyday Visuals(1.5)

4. Ghouls Night out (4.5), Mongrel(2), Creature Feature (again!)(4)

5. April 17th -> Jen Tobey’s Alter-Ego(3.5), The Clicks(5)

6. May 1th -> Eric Hnatow(3), Future Islands(2), Dan Deacon (4.5)

7. May 3rd – > Hemlock (3.5), Meshuggah (2), Ministry (4.5) – final Al Jourgensen tour 😦

8. May 31st-True Colors Concert Tour–The Cliks (5), Regina Spektor (2.5), The B-52s (5), Cyndi Lauper (4).

9. June 1st-Be Your Own Pet (3), She Wants Revenge (3)

10. June 4th-The Montana Boys (2.5), The Breeders (4)

An interesting thing we have noticed is some bands really vary depending on the venue and the crowd, blonde redhead is much better at festivals.

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