It looka like a…

Well, folks, we had the “official” ultrasound yesterday and we’re happy to report everything looks A-OK. I was so nervous I hardly slept the night before, and I drank enough water to drown the titanic for the ultrasound.

The ob-gyn said-(and she said this literally too, which was funny)–that “it looks like you’re going to have a hamburger”. I know there can always be errors on these things, but Chris was jumping for joy and squeezed the living daylights out of my hand!

The ob-gyn said our little baby was “very photogenic” and she was able to get a lot of good pics (which we’ll be posting up). It was so cute, she even yawned and stretched her little arms out at one point…
She was twisted up in some funky pretzel positions and moved around A LOT…which is funny because I still don’t feel too much kicking on the inside yet.

We are so relieved that the baby looks healthy. Seeing her on the big screen made it all the more real, that this kid is coming into OUR life. Pretty damn awesome. Chris is over the moon with happiness.
A daughter…somebody please pray for me!!! 🙂

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