We love Stars

It seems like this concert writeup will be our last (sigh!) for a while around the baby’s arrival. Our next concert writeup might have to do with seeing the Wiggles live, or something god awful like that . (no! We won’t let that happen). Anyhoo, it probably will be our last late night concert outing for a while.

Stars hail from Montreal, CA and they are not only talented, but one of the nicest bands around. Not only did they come on stage with a few dozen roses and throw them out to people every once in a while, but they thanked us profusely for being fans and were humble about themselves. (Thurston Moore was playing downstairs at Pearl Street, they were playing upstairs at the same time and kept saying ” I can’t believe you guys would miss thurston moore to see us!”).

Opening for them was Bell x1, a Damien Rice hybrid group from Ireland. They had a good sound but were nothing to write home about. We did however like a little disco ditty they sang that had to do with roasting marshmallows (don’t ask me why!).

It was fun to go out and enjoy one of our last few dates as a young, “free” couple. Life’s sure gonna change in just a couple weeks, but hopefully it will all be for the better. 🙂

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