Boo belly update

We had another ultrasound today to check on the baby’s size–there was some concern that she was measuring on the smaller side for her due date. I was hoping to see what looked like a real little person in there, but with all the fluid and squirming around it was pretty much a blur. They are 100% CERTAIN it is a girl (after the baby showers we can breathe a sigh of relief!), and everything appears to be healthy and in working order–there is plenty of fluid for her which is very good. The conclusion is she may just be a bit of a half pint. Both Chris and I were small when we were born (I was 6 pounds 8 oz, Chris was a little over 7), so it may just be genetic. They didn’t seem too concerned, so I will try not to be either.

Hard to believe that this crazy, wild ride called pregnancy will be coming to an imminent end. Not looking forward too much to the labor part, but that can’t be avoided. It will be STRANGE, SO STRANGE to identify myself as a parent, and to actually have a little breathing, kicking human being in my hands!! But I’m sure it will be wonderful too.

In other news we are frantically finishing house projects, not too many more to go. Just hoping little Renee doesn’t decide to visit us TOO early.

This is my favorite time of year, when the leaves just start to turn and you can smell all the rich smells of leaves, wild grapes and cold soil-rich air. As good a time as ever to have a baby.

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