Top reasons of the week why hubby deserves an award.

Seriously, the man is just awesome. He certainly deserves SOME sort of award for bearing with me through this whole rollercoaster ride of recent. Here’s the top 5 LATEST reason why hub’s the best:

1. He has stoicly, without complaint, put up with me during my hormonal highs and lows which have mostly dealt with freaking out and crying over ridiculous things. Although I’m sure he’s ready to pull his hair out, he hasn’t given me one bit of a hard time when I, for the fiftieth time, sob about how much of a “fat whale” I’ve become or worry that the kid will despise me. (usual response, even though it’s B.S. to “fat whale” comment–“i still can’t even see your ass you are so skinny!!”)

2. In this past week alone, he’s done dozens of handyman projects, many of them a debut attempt, with the skill of an experienced crafstman. After a hard week’s work, he has, this week alone–installed and painted a pantry door (including making the holes for AND installing the lock for it), mudded an uneven wall in the bathroom, primed and painted said bathroom, installed a toilet, and replaced the front of our couch which was wobbly and falling apart. All of this was done without anyone else’s help and without a complaint! This summer alone, he installed a new bathtub and tiled the entire bathroom (a project that turned out to be monumentally involving), put in a new windowsill downstairs, assembled a boatload of IKEA furniture (and READ the directions), repaired water stains on the downstairs ceiling, and clearing out his beloved office space (poor guy!) to make room for the nursery.

3. He has been putting up with some pretty stressful situations at work in a courageous and mature manner, even though the temptation is to just leave it all! Not only has he been working his arse off at the school, but he has been putting in freelance work in the evenings (in addition to completing the above handyman tasks!) to save up a little extra money for when we take time off around the baby’s arrival.

4. He bought me a laptop (though we’ve both been enjoying it) because he knew it would be easier for me to keep in touch with people after the baby if we had something portable and functional.

5. He actually read, from cover to cover “What to Expect when you’re expecting”, and if you quiz him on certain chapters, he will usually know the answer. I’m not even that good!! He has also attended all of my prenatal appoinments without flinching.

I know he’ll probably be embarrassed that I posted it, but I can’t help it. I’m just amazed that I’m so lucky. Everyone, give this guy a round of applause! Is he gonna be an awesome Daddy or what?

One thought on “Top reasons of the week why hubby deserves an award.

  1. kris says:

    That was very nice of you to say all that stuff about me, you been a pretty great wifey and going to make an amazing mom.
    love hubby

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