huzzah for dame fiona!

What a lovely Columbus Day weekend it was! We got quite a bit done and were able to take some time out to enjoy the CT Renaissance Faire in Hebron, CT –our third year of attending.

The Ren. Faire is a complete blast, and seems to get better every year. The weather was flawless which always helps. We got quite a few medieval heckling jokes from the actors at the faire about my pregnant belly which was fun. A guy dressed as a dragon gave me some beads for good luck, with this advice:
“1. Never do anything for beads. 2. Shiny things are always good”. Wise advice indeed.
Some of the most entertaining acts of the day were:

The Pope and Cardinal–by no means free of “cardinal” sin, these 2 had most of us rolling in the aisles with their oh-so-naughy, oh-so-bawdy irreverent humor. They chose people in the audience to act out a rendition of David and Goliath, and some of the things they said might make Paris Hilton turn as red as the Cardinal’s hat!

The Duelists–again by no means a “G” rated act, these guys are the experts in crowd heckling. Their motto “if you take your kids to this and they get what we’re saying, it’s not our fault, you’re just bad parents!”. They even told one kid who was harassing them, “next time mommy gets pregnant tell her not to drink so much”.

Smee and Blog: apparently these two have been performing for over 30 years and they are just fun. They are 2 “executioners” who like to revise old showtunes to have gruesome, execution-related themes. (example: “If I were a Hatchet Man”, instead of “If I were a Wealthy Man”)

Zoltan the Adequate (his motto, “Am I amazing? no, just adequate!): a comedian/magician who endangers himself in many ways (eating fire and sitting on nails), does card tricks and flirts with the crowd. Best joke of the day, “If Dick Cheney and George Bush were on a sinking life boat, who would be saved first?–the rest of the world!”.

Sweet Amaryllis: a really cute group of women who sing medieval songs and play the harp, flute and cello. Just nice relaxing stuff to listen to.

The finale of the day was a live jousting tournament which was great fun to watch. Chris and I rooted on the “black” side for the evil Dame Fiona, who won by cheating (But she won all the same!).

It’s great fun to go to the faire; we hope little Renee will enjoy the tradition too. You can check out the faire at this website :

The baby’s room is 90% set up. It would be 100% if, for our very last step of assembling the crib, the crib company failed to send us the bolts to attach the very last item. They apologized and are mailing them, but jeez! Talk about irony. Those damn crib people making it hard to assemble stuff! But the room is really cute. I spent some time Friday putting her little clothes into the dresser. It is sweet to see all the little socks, pj’s and dresses.

We stopped by Babies R’ Us this weekend to get a few last minute baby things, including a car seat stroller, which was our last major item. we also stopped by a children’s consignment shop near Chris’ parents and found a like-new baby bouncer for cheap. Score!

Still surreal that this little girl is coming so soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Columbus Day weekend.

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