Getting close…

We had another ultrasound this afternoon. This time she measured a little bigger, a bit over 6 lbs which is more average. They’re not really concerned that she’s unhealthy and there is always a margin of error on those things anyway, esp. the bigger the baby gets.
She was squirming around a lot so it was hard for the Ob-gyn to take measurements!
But overall things look good. Technically I could go any day now, although I’m hoping she at least waits until the weekend is over! But she’ll come when she’s meant to, whether we think we’re “ready” or not.

Most of the house projects have been completed, our house no longer looks like a construction zone which is great. The other few little things will just have to go on the back burner for now. I feel lucky that we’ll both have a good amount of time off to just enjoy her when she comes.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm!

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