Very Late Ministry Post

This is a very last post about the Ministry concert we saw in Montreal a few weeks ago. I have been listening to Ministry since I was in High School and when I heard they where on a farewell tour I just had to go. In recent years, front man Al Jourgensen has had some very political songs and even more of late. So we went to see them at the Metrolpolis at Montreal.

The Venue itself was great. There was a general “moshin” section and a smaller balcony section. The great thing is that after the moshin section each section rose up a foot or two letting anywhere in the place have a great view. The sound system was also top notch.

Opening for Ministry was hemlock. I was very impressed by this band. They just got a record deal after 12 years and where very excited about it. Being the first opener is tough but they managed well and where humble about it, and really had an energetic set. Not the typically music I like since it was a cross between speed metal and death metal but the fact they where talking to the audience a lot made it great.

2nd opener was Meshuggah and I was not impressed. Though they had much more songs to play the lead singer just stood in one spot the entire set. He also did not say much, call it strike 2. I am sure they are good on a CD or such but their live show, at least this time was not that good.

Ministry came on and it was just an amazing show. I don’t even know where to start but to say the band was great and Al was more then amazing. They had a multi-media screen in back of Al and they played some images to go along with the video. That made some of the political songs even more powerful. The sound was great and the band was one of the tightest we have seen. They played a lot of good songs but several older songs where not played in the first set. After what was a long time they where done and I was amazed at how quickly the time went. Luckily they came back for another set and played several of their classic songs. What was amazing is they played a LOOONG encore which was rare. They even had the guy from fear factory at one point since and no less than 6 guitarist on stage made it a night to remember.
In all I was sad it was the last time I would see Ministry but reminded me why they have been able to be around for 20+ years and still sell out venues. They just are amazing live and seem to get better and stay current to their audience.

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